Agri-Marketing and planning for autumn and winter campaignsBy Aileen Barron

We may be enjoying all that comes with summer but now is the ideal time to plan for your autumn/winter marketing campaigns. By taking the time now to give some real thought to what your objectives are, it will give you a more proactive approach.

In our business, we see a lot of companies who come to us when we are right on top of the season and in some cases they are trying to get marketing initiatives off the ground within impossible deadlines. By planning well in advance you can work more effectively towards what you are trying to achieve. Once the season starts, sales teams, technical experts, and other departments who contribute to your marketing efforts will be telling you ‘I’m just too busy’. If you are trying to compose good editorial, technical pieces or content for marketing materials that’s when things become difficult. If you haven’t discussed your objectives for the season well in advance or communicated them in your marketing materials before your sales team hits the road selling, it can lead to a lack of consistency or simply an under prepared effort. By preparing in good time it also lets everyone on the team know what is happening and when – this will also contribute to an improved internal communication culture.

The aim of your marketing efforts is to consider what your customers need and be ready to remind them of the benefits of your products and services when it is timely to do so. That age old saying, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ irritatingly comes to mind! With show season upon us it is also a great time to get out and meet customers in a casual relaxed environment and get a sense of what way they are thinking and what you could do to improve or tailor your offering from last year. You also have some time to review past performance and monitor the yearly trends.

If you need any support, have any queries or would like to get assistance with developing or carrying out your marketing plan this year, contact us at Green Acre Marketing…we love a challenge!