Agri newspapersA considerable amount of work undertaken at Green Acre Marketing involves developing advertising campaigns and schedules for our clients. We believe that there is still a lot of marketing value in traditional advertising methods but very often there is more to consider to running an effective advertising campaign.

A frequent question asked of us is, what kind of impact will I get if I run an ad in next week’s Irish Farmers Journal? Very often one ad is not enough.

For the advertising element of your marketing campaign to be effective it needs to be part of a larger effort that has considered longer term consistent placement. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to book a long term advertising campaign either, but it does need to match up with other marketing activity being practised. This means your ad campaign’s objective must fit into your overall marketing strategy, which could include; a targeted email campaign, event, digital marketing placements, PR placements or a broader spectrum of publications etc.

Also, be mindful of where you place your ads within recommended publications. It will depend on your target market e.g. dairy, beef, tillage, etc. Consider key features in the agri press that focus on and are relevant to different seasons and topical farm activity.

Your Brand

The next step is to develop an ad that reflects your brand and is consistent with other marketing efforts. Most companies are tied to specific brand guidelines which is a great tool for achieving consistency. I mention consistency in ad campaigns a lot because an important function of an ad is that it is associated with a strong brand becoming instantly recognisable. It forms an important part of developing or reiterating a brand. Always keep in mind how you would like to have your brand/product/service perceived in the market place and stay true to this avoiding gimmicky messages.

Developing ad content

Cut, cut and cut. Get straight to the point – what does your product or service do? Too often an ad brief will contain most of what is already in a brochure or website and expect that all this is going to fit in the corner of a newspaper. Customers will be familiar with me saying ‘if you are trying to make everything stand out, nothing will stand out – everything is the same’.

It is also important to remember that ad content should not be too technical as it may not communicate your message effectively.

The press sell advertising space based on column widths and every publication has different column sizes. For example, 3 column widths could vary from 87mm up to 135mm. Make sure that the content in the advert will work in all publications or consider buying more space in narrow column publications.

Finally, use a professional graphic designer to get your ad right as they will help make your message more visually appealing and ensure that final ad copy is produced in good quality that will convert onto paper.

If you have any queries or would like to get assistance with developing your ad campaign, contact us at Green Acre Marketing.