Two weeks ago, we were delighted to have Aoife McGrath, a transition year student at Ardscoil na Mara, join us for work experience. It was an opportunity for her to get a sample of working life in a local Agri Marketing business. While with us, she assisted us a current Ad Campaign for one of our clients and at the end of the week, we asked her to write about why marketing was important for business.

This is what Aoife told us.

‘As a sixteen year old Transition Year student, I have learnt a lot about marketing over the past week here at Green Acre Marketing. I think that marketing is essential to a company. Marketing gives a company a face which is the first impression the customer gets and it also helps to build the brand name. Having a recognisable image is vital for customers to remember the product or service.

‘It’s crucial for a business to have a good reputation so the company is more appealing to customers. To achieve and to help maintain a good reputation, marketing is key. Though the business may have a good reputation, it needs to be maintained by keeping the product seen in papers or on other advertisement platforms. Marketing educates customers on the latest trends and will boost sales developing the company’s reputation.

‘For business to succeed, it is important to be known to potential customers. Without marketing no one may ever be aware of your business and being known in the market will raise your sales. The more known your company becomes, there’s a higher liability for customers to buy from you because the customer will find the known product more trustworthy.

‘In summary, marketing does give your business the best opportunity for increased sales and for the word to be spread and it gives the company a variety of advertisements such as the newspaper, digitally or through an event.’

A fitting reminder to use marketing to build business. We were happy to share time with Aoife and wish her every success for the rest of her transition year.