The Big 5There are many aspects to marketing, from building brand and business awareness to making sales of your Agri product and service. And there are many points of contact that your customers will have with you e.g. a storefront but you have to keep coming up with ways to keep your business the first thing customers think of and the first place they want to go to, online or physically.

We’ve come up with the big 5 that we think are the very minimum you should be working on this year. Whatever you’ve planned in 2016 for your Agri business’s marketing and sales, make sure the big 5 are on your list.

1. Traditional Ad Campaigns
Agri Business is traditional so why ignore traditional mediums. Strategic placing of ads in key media will get your business and product seen, building brand awareness. If you’re running a special offer with an identifiable reference number that your customers can quote, you will be able to track the effectiveness of your ad campaign through to sales. Well designed and placed ads can make a small business stand out from the competition.

2. Social Media and Campaigns
It’s 2016 and businesses must be on Social Media to present a professional, competent and personal face of the business online. With the rise of the smartphone, farmers and businesses are online whether they want to be or not and with that, businesses must have a strong and active social media platform, ready for customers to find them. Your social media platform is as important as traditional advertising, it should reflect your brand, your website, and your traditional ads.
At a minimum, get a Facebook page and Twitter account and make sure they are well branded and used.

3. Website
With 77% of the population in Ireland using the internet, many of your customers will be too. You want search engines to lead them to your website or, if brand awareness is high, know your web address and go straight to it. A website should reflect your brand, be well-designed and updated regularly, especially the home page.

4. Email Marketing
If you’re been building up a customer database through your sales team, or a newsletter via website, consider using email to give customers the best offers for your products and services before an ad campaign.

5. PR and Events
Every event, big or small, seminar, exhibition, launch or announcement, is an opportunity to publicise your business. You want to shout it from your website and social media platform. But most importantly, you want to tell everyone in your local area. Ireland is lucky in that we rarely have six degrees of separation and local newspapers are your business’s best support for a local story. And your business will have stories to tell every step of the way.

Branding and measuring
Finally, your brand, get it professionally designed from logo, stationery, to a document on your businesses brand guidelines to make sure that everyone in your company is marketing your business consistently, even with something as simple as a well-designed email signature.

After the big 5, all that remains is to monitor and measure success, be it building awareness of your business, feedback from customers, feedback from your sales team, customer enquiries, increased website traffic, increased engagement on social media, and, most importantly, sales growth in addition to normal seasonal patterns.

If you need any support, have any queries or would like to get assistance with developing your marketing plan this year, contact us at Green Acre Marketing.