December always seems like a good time to reflect on what has gone by in the past 12 months and like so many businesses we could never have planned for how 2020 actually played out. However, despite the challenges, we are delighted to be ending the year on a positive note. Some new appointments within the company have included the recruitment of Tom Sinnott to Digital Content Creator and the movement of Lisa Meyler to Account Manager.

As a business we have enjoyed supporting our clients into a more digitally focused space in terms of their marketing operations. The benefits of digital marketing, when activated correctly has the potential to deliver real tangible results and transform the way that you reach and engage with your audience. Over much of 2020, it has been a pleasure to put our expertise in this area to full use for our clients and to have the opportunity to work with so many that are ready to take that step.

We look forward to 2021 and are grateful for all who trusted us with their marketing objectives throughout 2020 where video, digital marketing and visual content were the main buzz areas.