What your 2020 marketing plan should include


The marketing landscape in the agri sector is rapidly changing, as farmers use new and more engaging platforms to share and gain knowledge. Modern day farming is driven by well educated, business minded people who expect their farming enterprise to deliver a profitable outcome.

Like any other consumer, a farmer’s product and service purchasing decisions are most often made from a few good experiences. These experiences come from word-of-mouth, previous use of a product or service, brand perception and targeted brand exposure. The question is; how best can agribusiness marketing teams get their product or service in view, with a message that resonates with the end user – most often the farmer.

Recent research, commissioned by the IFA, found that from a survey of over 900 farmers, 84% had a smartphone. The fact is, that by having a smartphone you are more likely to be targeted for the purchase of a product or service either through your use of social media, search engines or news apps. So, if these channels are not featuring as a major part in your marketing budget, you have missed a significant audience for which to achieve exposure of your offering.


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