Are farmers buying your logo or your brand?

Everyday purchasing decisions are based on brand perception, even though we often don’t realise it, and is the very reason that companies need to support their sales teams in arming them with a strong brand. If not already committed to doing this, it needs to become a key part of your marketing plans going forward.

A recent piece written by David Gaz Founder/Creative Director at The Bureau Of Small Projects noted that one of the significant differences between big brands to small businesses and start-ups is that the smaller ones often treat branding as a visual endeavour, whereas larger operations put the emphasis on their brand strategy.

He cited one of the main reasons for this as the obvious one – budget, noting that it’s a lot less expensive to design a logo than create a comprehensive brand strategy. It’s also a lot easier to “explain” what a logo is than explain what your value proposition or customer persona is and why it is important.

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