Public Relations Service Waterford

Public Relations

Whether it is on the back of a successful event, an upcoming event or a product announcement, Green Acre Marketing will help get your message out by planning and implementing a public relations plan. We produce press releases written in the most effective manner, and use our wide range of contacts in the agri and wider business media to help achieve publication in the relevant press. This process also covers the inclusion of online platforms.

Your press release is written with your customer in mind to ensure it appeals to them and has the maximum impact. We also incorporate the use of great photography and will capture the moment or product image you want to promote.

Corporate PR/ Strategic Communications

The main function of corporate public relations is to connect with various publics using methods such as press releases, social media, products and events to facilitate the building and management of relationships. Knowing your audience is essential to running and executing an effective PR strategy and our team is on hand to help you achieve this. 


Press Management

Our team has cultivated a rapport with the media and we also have the experience to understand journalist’s and reporter’s intentions in their course of business. This allows us to better manage the media and the communications of our clients. It also enables us to expand our reach when communicating.

Public Awareness/ Community Relations

At Green Acre Marketing, we make a comprehensive effort that includes multiple components (messaging, media relations, etc.) to help a company reach a specific goal. We can also help your company establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which you operate.