Traditional Marketing

At Green Acre Marketing, we place great emphasis on the benefits of offline traditional marketing activities. When it comes to developing a print media campaign, we are mindful of where your adverts are placed, keeping in mind the location of your target market. It is crucial when designing your adverts, it complements your brand, is within your set branding guidelines and consistent with all other marketing activities including digital marketing campaigns. For print assets and promotional materials, similar to your adverts, it is important to remain consistent throughout. This means that all print assets will reflect your brand guidelines, provide clear messaging while catching the attention of the reader.




Print Media Campaign Development

For the advertising element of your marketing campaign to be effective, it needs to be part of a larger effort that has considered longer term, consistent placement. At Green Acre Marketing, we work with our team of designers to develop a suite of adverts that clearly and effectively represent your brand and what you do. We also develop and book advertising campaigns with all the agricultural and food publications.


Print Assets

When it comes to developing hard copy promotional literature and brochure design, getting the right look requires a great amount of attention to detail. It is fundamental that your literature is produced in a way that portrays the expertise and quality of a company’s product. Green Acre Marketing provides this service with expert copy proofing and design.

Promotional Material

Promotional items are a great way of providing brand awareness to your target market. From jackets and hats to pens and cups, branded items are always well received gifts for customers at shows, events and even for Christmas! We have accumulated a fantastic team of suppliers who develop exciting and new ideas to help our customers improve their brand awareness.  



Newsletters are a very efficient way of communicating with your customers to tell them about new products, special offers and general news within the company. We develop newsletters for many of our clients both seasonally and monthly, in print and digital forms.

Radio Campaigns

At Green Acre Marketing, we place great value in a radio advertising campaign. It is a great way to communicate with your target audience, by placing ads at key times for the industry; such as around farming shows, etc. We work with brands to develop radio scripts and arrange the placement and timings of campaigns, as well as advert recordings.



When producing a brochure or press release, it is important to ensure that your message is direct and clear. Far too often text is written too elaborately, and the key message is lost among it. It is also important to ensure that text is proofed so that it is written correctly and makes technical sense in terms of product features. At Green Acre Marketing, we produce clear, concise and informative content for use on brochure ware or press releases.